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Leading with Gracious Confidence

Let’s face it, leading is an intimidating word to many women, yet there is something inside each one of us that God has gifted that belongs in the leadership arena! Leading can be a scary thing, yet how does it look so easy for some but not others? Could it be our definition is defining us and our ability to step into it?

I’m reminded of the move “Hook” where Peter Pan has the Lost Boys lined up. He is about to pass the mantle of leadership, his sword, to one of the boys before he leaves Neverland. He places the sword in the hands of the chosen leader and then speaks to the role of all of them – that they all have a part to play. The tiniest little boy says, “I’m so little, who will I be in charge of?” Peter tells him Never Bugs, and a big smile erupts with the realization and confidence that there was something there that nobody else could do but him.

There is always a place where we can lead and serve. You and I are strategically in the perfect spot to influence, help a sister along, grow from our relationships and prepare for God’s next place – that’s leadership.

So, let’s prepare for the place God has planned for us by praying for gracious confidence that is necessary to humbly lead. The shoes we have been given require an inner attitude and outer demeanor to lead and not crush.

What is gracious confidence? Let’s explore the ten points below and use them as a guideline to stay in tune with God’s definition.

1. Be who you are and don’t try to copy someone else’s personality or gifts. You can’t be anything but you – an original.

2. As you lead, be a good follower. It takes a team to climb a mountain. Learn from the best and get a mentor that has been where you want to go.

3. Don’t be afraid when God puts you in the spotlight but shine as the woman God made you to be. As well, don’t seek it or be self-seeking. Look for the opportunity to help others shine.

4. Speak forth and present your ideas without having the last word. Humility is powerful.

5. Accept praise as a beautiful gift as well as critical feedback and don’t set your heart completely in either one.

6. Give your best for the benefit of others and have encouragement on your lips for others that are doing the same.

7. Realize you will always have butterflies before you step into new circumstances or behind a podium. You may still feel intimidated around other leaders that make you second guess yourself; but don’t let those feelings affect your actions and reactions.

8. Rest and be at peace when you’ve done your best knowing God oversees every outcome.

9. Cut yourself some slack as everyone has “off days”.

10. Laugh at yourself and choose to learn from the mistakes. The Proverbs 31 woman “laughs” at the days to come.

Confidence is based on God, not us. Our job is to take the gifts God has placed in us and develop them as fully as we can for His glory.

Hebrews 10:35 says “do not throw away your confidence, it will be richly rewarded”.

What a journey and collection of experiences in the people we meet, lives that we touch and those that touch us. It might be at home with your children, in the neighborhood or school, in a role at church serving or leading a bible study, in the position in the workplace or president of a company. It’s never finished, this business of growing and stepping into the next place God has prepared to use us – He has need of you to represent him in that place of influence.

And we never arrive until we are face to face with our savior Jesus Christ!

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My prayer and passion is that you grow and the world around you is enriched!

Debbie Trombley

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