Your Word for the Year

Your Word for 2014

~Choose a word that embodies the influence you want to see grow in your life in 2014. Let everything you do flow through that word; let every word you speak reverberate its meaning, let every thought and attitude be measured by it.

This year my word is “health”. Really it is two – “health/wellbeing”. That I would make choices that would prolong and strengthen my life; that I would measure my emotional world by a healthy standard and that my spiritual life would be rich with God’s word and heart lived out.

So what might some of those words be for you? Get started by reading the borders!! Then...

~Do what you can. Yes, do what you can, not what others prescribe that you should! Resolutions are broken; disappointment and guilt flood in. That is a recipe for giving up. If you can break the elephant down into bite size pieces it doesn’t have a chance, it’s a goner!

Moving onto a whole new path can be done increments at a time. Multiple small choices can carry us toward our desired change and encourage us to bolder and more powerful disciplines. The Turtle beat the Hare, remember? And you can triumph in your efforts too.

For example, if you desire to have a regular workout routine then set your schedule; but if you can’t make it one day, then do what you can…run up and down the stairs a couple times, do squats while you dry your hair, or use your exercise ball and bounce on it while you watch the 10pm news. Do something and let that be enough. Then count it as success! You just made headway toward the goal and you’ll get there!

Surprises and amazing things are in store for 2014. We can share our focus with someone else and encourage each other. Or be an answer for a need and savor it by journaling.

Philippians 4:13 says “I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.”

Choose your word and do what you can!

Debbie Trombley


“Coaching for the Everyday Woman”


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