NOW is Your Time!

December 16, 2013


                   Is Your Time!


Sometimes you can just feel it in your bones...the timing, the stir of excitement, the situation.  You're running and your dream is in focus.  And then it comes, that sinking feeling that drains like confidence leaking out of an hourglass.  It drains so fast you can hardly believe it, but alas, somehow you are sitting cross legged with a bowl of ice cream in your lap and a blank stare.  I know, its winter now and there is no ice cream truck but you found that extra package of rocky road in your freezer and right now it is comfort in a bowl!


Stop!  Wait! Don't take another bite!  Really, you have been lulled into the "freeze" zone.  Henry David Thoreau said "Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake"! Wake up girl and smell the scent of something brewing.  Hey, don't you just love the smell of fresh coffee?  Oh, the anticipation of the taste, warmth and all the yummy things your can add to it to make it special.  Well there is a new thing in the air and it has had your name on it…a dream that keeps floating to your consciousness.  You know, that one that you have had all the excuses about and then tucked it away. 


I used to listen to Jiminy Cricket sing, "A dream is a wish your heart makes".  In the entire world there is only one you.  Only one set of fingerprints in the world match yours!  And there is something that only you can do in your special way, with your unique talent, living where you do to uniquely express that dream. 


First, embrace your dream and own it.  It is yours and nobody else's.   Begin to take a step in that direction.  What you look at, move toward and focus on becomes reality! 


Second, things will get in the way.  Discouragement likes to tag along with a dream keeping it from blooming.  This can come from us and others who can't see through our lens.  Life and its responsibilities and business can steal our focus.  Sometimes the roadblocks can seem insurmountable but they're not.  Persistence and single vision conquer that!    If you will stop and look up, receive your encouragement from God, the passion will return! It is time to take the arm of another women (or two or three!) and begin the journey of your lifetime.


 Third, as you stretch and grow you will change.  You might even look different when you look in the mirror!  A dream chaser has a positive motivation that stirs her all the way to the core.  Hey, wrinkles smooth out, smiles become broader and eyes are awake and dangerous.  Yes, I said dangerous!  Because you have decided to crush doubt and run on a new path.


I have a plaque in my office and it is speaking to all are:


                                                Valued, Wonderfully Made, Irreplaceable,


                                                Accepted, Free, Strong, Loved, Chosen, Blessed


                                                Delightful, Unique, Strong, Talented, Amazing


Isaiah 60:1 says "Arise, shine, for the Glory of the Lord is upon you".  Sister, when we all begin to wake up and smell the coffee we can change our world!


Gal 5:7 “You were running a good race.  Who cut in on you and kept you from obeying the truth?"


Debbie Trombley

TOUCHPOINT COACHING                                     

“Coaching for the Everyday Woman!”                                         

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