Would You Change the Past?

“I’d love to change how my life turned out”…but wait, would you really?

Remembering the excitement of thinking that you could be the next Florence Nightingale and being told you really aren’t good at science can bring a dampening to the zeal of possibilities, but then a possibility person always has another option. That was me! I was on the dance team in high school and could literally hit my nose with my knee when kicking. Before accomplishing that desire I had been told I might never walk normally again after an accident. So, why not go to New York and be a dancer on Broadway? Alas, money was definitely an obstacle and life would lead me down another path and, really, can you picture this small town girl in New York?!

How about you? Do you look back and think “oh, boy, I missed it, no chance of fulfillment now”? I have missed the No Parking sign and gotten a ticket in the past ladies. This girl has denied reality before and ended up missing opportunities that were gold to be mined and lived in a junk yard mentality! Life has unexpected serendipities when you live your life with your eyes and heart wide open.

Change…what an interesting word, what a powerful dynamic. I have always loved change especially when it was my idea. Like decorating, it can completely redesign a room and make it unrecognizable. HGTV has given me a whole new outlook on life! And then there was the opportunity to be a stewardess with Texas International Airlines at another crossroad. I married an Air Force pilot instead! We traveled to Alaska and ended up living in North Dakota – didn’t plan on that one. I planned on getting back to the area where my family lived in Oregon.

Many a person has been prisoner to the question ‘why?’ The most powerful question in the face of disappointment and change is ‘what’. What is it that is I never considered about that experience/decision that could be or is an amazing part of my life story? Let’s embrace the obstacle as the greatest possibility in our lives. The movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” tells it all. Get a bag of popcorn, your favorite drink and watch it – your life will literally change.

Life presents choices. No, I am not a line dancer in New York I’m a Life Coach doing the dance of life with amazing women. No, I never traveled the world with the airlines but made life memories in simple places that I wouldn’t trade for the world. No, I don’t live among my family but I have a wonderful family of friends (more than I can count!) right here and travel home often. Whatever I have felt is lacking has been filled in by life experiences there for the mining. Yes, I have had unique dances, met awesome people, been given powerful opportunities in places I didn’t expect.

I’m betting you have too. It’s so easy to see it for others, but now it’s time to see it for ourselves. I didn’t write the script, but the One that created amazing you did!


Coaching for the Everyday Woman!

Gal 5:7 “You were running a good race. Who cut in on you and kept you from obeying the truth?”

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