Journeying to that New Place

Good Morning Friends!

The last breath of summer is still handing on and I, for one, love it! Here are some thoughts as we all rush to put things in order for the fall and still have one foot in summer.

Journeying to that new place

I’ve just returned from visiting my family in Oregon and taking a long walk on the beach. There is nothing like the gentle rush of the waves, sea breeze and laughter to prime your soul. People get up early in the day to catch the sunrise (notice I said people, not me unless of course there is coffee involved!) and they stop what they are doing to take in a beautiful sunset at the end of the day. I began thinking about where each of us was in life and realized we were all in transition.

Pushing ourselves to open our eyes and see what was coming

Keeping our eyes and heart on what was about to end

Pondering what things were going to look like

Resting in knowing God does!

My sister just ended a 30+ year career and was rejuvenating herself. My mom, 84 and widowed three times, just told us she was getting married to a wonderful man. Change…what an opportunity to embrace or let go.

I stared into the night last night wondering what in the world God is up to and, for a second, hoping that maybe it was that He would snatch me up to heaven for my new eternal day. But then that gentle, loving sense of His presence said “hang on, I’m not done, there’s more!” Sometimes I want to escape change, do you? Can you believe the queen of instigating change would feel that way? Yup, it happens. I need to keep my eyes wide open and watch that sunrise or I just might miss it. I need to let the fleeting light of the sunset deposit sweet memories of what will be left behind. Then I remembered National Girlfriends Day and the gathering that came together at my home. My friends - what encouragers we can be for each other! If you’re not going through a transition in this season, be the cheerleader your friend needs in her time of doubt, fear and anxiety.

Your sunrise and sunset are markers in your life for opportunity. Hold on tight! Let go when it is time, look for the new thing, but go through the transition holding on to God’s hand. After all, He is the one who designed it and knows the way!

Debbie Trombley

Touchpoint Moments


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