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Janet Daughtry

Co-Founder, Life Breakthrough Academy

" I have great respect and regard for Debbie. She not only has excellent coaching skills, but has a genuine heart to help her clients experience breakthroughs and excel in life. She comes with high recommendation and endorsement.  "


Janet Daughtry,

Co-Founder, Life Breakthrough Academy

A number of years ago...

I decided to use a Life Coach to help me through a time of disappointment.  My family was in Oregon, my home was permanently in North Dakota. I was so disheartened about not "being there" to do life with my mom and sisters.  My children were living all over the US and I was lonely, feeling disconnected and cheated. 


My Life Coach posed questions that touched on the places I was stuck and I began to see there were steps and choices. My eyes were opened to a world of possibilities and a God that really did care about how I felt. My coach and I listed those out and I proceeded to act.  Suddenly, I felt in control of my destiny again and the clouds cleared.  

Debbie Trombley


Debbie Trombley grew up in Oregon and went to school at the University of South Dakota and San Antonio College in Texas.  She and her husband, John, have been married for 45 years and have 4 children, 12 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. They came to Fargo in 1986 from Anchorage, Alaska and have made North Dakota their home for 35 years. 

Debbie was certified as a Life Coach with LifeBreakthrough Academy Christian Coaching in 2012 and has gone on to complete the advanced coursework in 2013. She was also certificated in the Women Reaching Women program through LifeWay and completed the Competency in Conflict Leadership Skills program with Quiet Waters Ministries. As a certified Prepare/Enrich administrator she and her husband work with engaged couples to prepare for marriage and have represented North Dakota as State Directors for Marriage Ministries International.  Together they have coached and taught for over 29 years in the area of marriage and relationships.  

Debbie has been involved in women’s ministry, speaking at retreats in churches and for nonprofits taking a leadership role in the Fargo community for over 20 years. She has been an event coordinator for various events and conferences including the Anne Graham Lotz Revival, the Thrive Women’s Conference and John Maxwell’s Simulcasts as well as bible studies. She has experience in building teams effectively, reaching the goal of promoting events and bring people purposeful opportunities to grow.  She launched the first Propel Woman groups in Fargo ND in 2018. 


Debbie has worked as the Development Director for Jail Chaplains in Fargo ND bringing community focus to the powerful restorative programs for the all-important second chance in the Cass County Jail and most recently in marketing/article coordination at Fargo’s premier women’s magazine, Area Woman Magazine.

Currently, she coaches women through Touchpoint Coaching. She and her husband help individuals and couples develop healthy relationships and prepare for marriage through seminars and couples coaching through Impact Relationship Coaching. 




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