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Rather than actually TELLING someone the answers, a Life Coach is the catalyst for getting a client to find the answers themselves. By asking challenging and thought provoking questions, a Life Coach can unlock the potential in a client. 


Coaching is forward looking and focused on the action you are willing to take to get what you want out of life.


Sometimes you just can’t see the forest for the trees! You so are wrapped up in everyday life that indeed life just passes you by! Well, coaching enables you to see different alternatives and to take a step back and actually examine your life and all of its component parts. This in turn leads to greater self-awareness, focus and accountability.



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"Breaking through to your best life!"

Wooden Hut

take control of


The VISION is to create break-through opportunities for women of all ages

to set into the most productive,

exciting, successful and

forward-moving life possible.

What is Coaching



It isn't counseling; that is getting help for challenges that require a licensed professional to help define deep troubles and direct the path to take.  It isn't mentoring; that is seeking to duplicate what someone is doing. 


Coaching then, is the opportunity to connect and have someone really hear you, understand where you might be stuck, and  help you come up with the best plan for you to move ahead. 


It is touching a point of frustration or disappointment, coming up with a strategy through a series of focused questions and adding accountability to the action with your choices.



your greatest self.


What were you born to do?

There are things that we love to do that others can't do for the life of themselves.  Those are your special talents and gifts, your genius!


Are you doing it?  If you aren't pursuing your passion what is the obstacle that is keeping you from moving forward?


What would it take to make that all important first step?  Would it be confidence?  Connections? Maybe it is putting a plan of action together. 

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